Our Most Common Wheel Repair Questions

We offer solutions to common issues for almost all types of wheels and rims. Please read our most common questions below, or contact us for a free quote on your wheel and rim repairs.

Machine Faced Wheels

There are two ways to rejuvenate the machined areas your wheels. The first is to re-color the pockets and re-machine the face back to original. The second method is to recolor the entire wheel.
Yes, in most cases unless the gouges are deeper that approximately 3mm, as it is not safe to remove any more material.
Again the answer is yes, this is a great way to customize your car. We charge an extra $15 per wheel for custom colour matching to your vehicle.

Polished Alloy Wheels

Yes we can, we usually require the wheels for 5 business days.
Typically no, it is not possible to match sheen and re apply clearcoat in a manner that is both cost effective and meets our high standards. We recommend re-polishing the complete wheel set. It is difficult to polish only one wheel to exactly the same sheen and brightness as existing.
All refinished wheels are warranted for 1 yr against flaking and peeling. We cannot warrantee wheels that have been road damaged(stone chips, scrapes, use of harsh chemical cleaners or mechanical damage). We stand behind our workmanship and guarantee that you will be pleased or we will refinish.

Chrome Wheels

Other than straightening, chrome wheels cannot be repaired. Most chrome wheels consist of chrome/plastic caps which are non replaceable. Chrome cannot be sanded therefore very distinct lines are apparent in any attempt to repair.

Service Information

Depending on the repair needed we generally have a turnaround period of 1-2 business days. Times are subject to our customer volume.
Yes, we have a dedicated self sufficient mobile wheel repair service by appointment.
We serve all of Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area. Additional charges apply for customers outside of Edmonton. Please contact us with any questions.
We at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists recognize that your time, like your car is precious to you and as such are pleased to offer this service. We do charge $65 for this service within City of Edmonton. Call us if you are outside of this area.

Curb Damage Repair

Depending on the finish of your wheel we can make your wheel almost new again. Using our proprietary repair processes we can repair most wheel damage to where, unless you knew where the damage was initially our repair area is difficult to spot. We cannot claim to make your wheel new but we can re-seal the alloy from further corrosion damage and help make it look great again. Machine or polished faced wheels are more challenging to do spot repairs and as such repair area is a little easier to spot. We clear coat the wheel to seal and protect from further damage this helps to keep your car looking great longer.
Experience and testing has shown that by re-sealing the the damaged wheel surface,serious corrosion damage is much less likely to occur. This keeps your wheels looking great longer in our tough Canadian climate.

Wheel Straightening

Not all wheels are safe to be straightened, a severely bent wheel may have been structurally compromised and could fail in future use. We have your safety covered.
All of our technicians are certified in the safe use of our patented straightening machine. We take your safety seriously, as we are franchisees of a the worlds largest mobile wheel repair company our engineers have developed strict test parameters that we adhere to before any straightening is attempted.
Yes occasionally wheels do crack during straightening, we find that non OEM rims are more likely to crack as manufacturing standards are not as stringent.
We will weld a crack that we determine safe to repair. Prior to straightening we will first do a visual inspection at no charge. At this time we will be able to determine whether it is safe to proceed with further testing prior to straightening. It is necessary for our technician to clean, mount to our machinery and further test bend parameters before heating and straightening. It is necessary that we charge a $50 assessment fee for this service. OEM wheels tend to have a much less likelihood of cracking during repairs as manufacturing standards are more stringent. Typically most manufacturers recommend that a new wheel is purchased, we offer a cost effective alternative. We cannot guarantee welds due to the unpredictability of differing alloy content in each wheel.
No, the bend is found on the inside or “barrel” of the wheel as it is the weakest area. The wheel needs to be removed from the car to find the damage.
Yes, but due to the fact that in most cases it is necessary to apply heat to facilitate malleability of the alloy we also need to refinish the area we damage. Total cost for this procedure ranges from $125-$200.

Wheel Customization

We stock 32 OEM colours , black and white.
Yes we can paint any colour of the rainbow, we charge an extra $15 per wheel for non stock colours as we have to arrange paint codes and have a custom batch of paint mixed.
We want you to be pleased with your new wheels and as such stand behind our workmanship. We guarantee your new finish against flaking or peeling for one year.
We want you to be enjoying your new wheels in as short a period of time as possible, we do need the wheels for 1 day. We try to work around your schedule and invite you to book in advance.